Members of WLHG offer a range interesting and varied lectures and presentations, primarily about Windsor, but talks on other subjects are also available.

Our Speakers are all well-versed in their chosen subjects, and provide entertaining and informative talks, with visual accompaniment using overhead projector or PowerPoint presentations. Many of our members are published authors, and along with a number of specialist books, for more than 30 years the group has written and published

Our Speakers and their Subjects


Brigitte Mitchell

The Development of a Garrison Town – Windsor from 1066 to the 19th Century

Den of Infamy – George Street, a vanished part of Windsor, and the old gaol

Schooling for the Poorest  – educating children in 19th century Windsor

Dollymops and Magdalens – the problems with prostitution in 19th century Windsor

Rogues and Vagabonds – prisons and punishment in 19th century Windsor

Healthcare and Hospitals  – in Windsor during the 19th century

Two Knights – Charles Knight, father and son, and the first Windsor newspaper

Road to Waterloo

Windsor during WW1

Windsor during WW2

Windsor Guildhall and Museum

A Soldier in the Kaiser’s Army

Women who followed the Drum – wives, women and camp followers during the early 19th century

Sue Ashley

Doris Mellor and the Battle for Bachelors Acre

Peascod Street Shops – over the last 150 years (especially food shops)

Oxford Road Businesses

The Ward Royal Area Before Ward Royal

Carol Dixon-Smith

Windsor Pubs

Peterborough Cathedral

Salisbury Cathedral

Leslie Grout

Windsor Castle

St George’s Chapel

Victorian Windsor

Burial Grounds of London

How Pagan is Christmas?

The Duties of a Ward Beadle

ABC of Churches

Burial Grounds of Paris

Experiences as a ‘Mastermind’

Elias Kupfermann

Vanished Windsor

The archaeology and history of Taplow Court

20th century Windsor and its buildings

Exploration of a Victorian Landscape – Herschel Park, Slough, and its restoration

Discovering Victorian and Edwardian Windsor through old photographs

The life and times of James Bedborough – rebuilder of Windsor Castle

We charge a standard fee of £50 per presentation, plus a small (mutually agreed) fuel surcharge if your location is more than 10 miles by road from Windsor Castle. Presentations are of 40-60 minutes duration, usually illustrated, and normally include a Question and Answer session at the end. A selection of books will be offered for sale by the speaker.

To enquire about our presentations, or to make a booking, please email us at: